Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A potent blend of cheese ground, halcyonic dream pop...

January's been pretty decent to me so far. Even with about 4 different lergies invading my body over the past few weeks, the depression fuelled hangover from the remnants of a year passed seem to have indeed, passed me by in favour of long walks staring at the sky, lots of tea and blend of some rather beautiful halcyonic cheese ground dream pop... or some such phrase. The remix of Sea of Bees is where I derive the cheese ground element, the dream pop comes from the equally wonderful World Tour... halcyonic (there is not such a word so my dictionary tells me) completes the rather tenuous triangle in the form of an equally great Ewan Pearson mix of Chapel Club.
Free downloads of both the Sea of Bees and World Tour. Links below.

Forwards, forwards... that is all we can do.



Also check the rather special Ewan Pearson mix of Chapel Club. No download but a stream below.

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